The Propak Advantage

By leveraging the Propak advantage, end users of Propak’s energy processing systems create maximum value from hydrocarbon resources. Our highly integrated approach consistently generates exceptional solutions for the technical requirements and business goals of our natural gas and heavy oil processing clients.

Advantages That Differentiate Us

First, Propak's engineering expertise regularly produces innovative technical solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations for engineering design and product performance. We apply advanced engineering and design solutions, including proprietary Propak technologies. Our engineering goes further, achieving our customers' goals from concept to operation in an integrated process.

Second, whether you engage us to provide a single processing unit or a complete processing plant, you gain the benefits of our highly integrated EPFC turnkey model. Our singular experience creating turnkey EPFC solutions forms a distinct advantage for our clients.

Propak’s core business is to create total "Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction Management" (EPFCm) solutions for the energy processing industry. We constantly strive to grow our culture of expertise and technical innovation, of integrity in business, and of dedication to the creation of value for the end user.

Propak’s fully integrated approach achieves increased client value at every stage. Our first-rate engineering and design expertise helps you evaluate your concept and make decisions with the highest level of insight and certainty available. We coordinate across multiple time zones and locations, create an integrated plan for execution, achieve fit-for-purpose design, expertly fabricate and construct, and successfully bring your turnkey plant into operation. We give you a single point of accountability, with consistently high standards and the tightest possible overlapping schedules.

Third, Propak leads the worldwide energy processing industry in its ability to provide technologically advanced, completely integrated modular design and fabrication solutions. Our unique modular expertise multiplies value for the end user on several metrics: the shortest route to the working product; the smallest practical footprint; cost, time, labour and quality advantages through minimized field construction and warehousing; and logistical advantages that allow us to construct plants across the world in remote locations and severe conditions.

Maximum Value From Hydrocarbon Resources

Whether in an end-to-end custom solution or in a standard package solution, Propak consistently beats its competitors on time to operation.

Our focus on creating end user value through exceptional product performance, through vertically integrated EPFC, and through modular design and fabrication expertise, produces unrivalled value creation and cost certainty. Propak’s preferred execution model allows us to give our clients the confidence of single sticker, lump-sum pricing based on a well defined, fixed scope of work. Our pricing model and our integrated approach achieve significant operator advantage by increasing certainty at every stage, from evaluation of concept to full operation.

On every project, we focus our energy to create value for our customers. Propak maximizes the risk-adjusted value of the total project through completely integrated solutions that leverage our unique EPFC and modular expertise, meeting or exceeding product performance requirements through innovative engineering and design.