Propak Innovations

Propak has a long record of engineering achievements and outstanding product performance. We have built hundreds of gas processing and heavy oil processing facilities and thousands of individual processing units, compression and power generation packages—in more than 40 countries across the world. Our integrated design, engineering and modular fabrication abilities continue to maximize value for our customers with fast track project execution and reduced total project costs. Our proprietary and patented technologies are among the best in the world.


LPG Recovery & Fractionation Plant – Tierra del Fuego

Turnkey, modular Cryogenic Turbo Expander plant, 280 MMSCFD (expandable). 98% propane recovery. 9500 bbl/d C3/C4 LPG. 2400 bbl/d C5+. 17 months for full EPFC to operation.


Gas Processing Plant – New Zealand

70 MMSCFD gas processing plant with modular equipment packages designed for international transport and installation in an earthquake zone. Plant consisted of 41 modules which were shipped 18,000 km for final installation.


SAGD Facility – Saskatchewan

6,000 bbl/d Central Processing Facility and a well pad. EPFC for a modular facility executed in industry leading 15 months from project sanction to first steam. Total Installed Capitalization of approximately $30K/bbl/d.


Sour Gas Processing & Treating Facility – Poland

Turnkey 55 MMSCFD sour gas processing plant with oil treating, amine sweetening, mechanical refrigeration, LPG fractionation and sulphur recovery. Super Claus sulphur recovery of 99.1%.


SAGD Facility – Saskatchewan

4,500 bbl/d Central Processing Facility and a well pad. Fourth facility for same client, taking advantage of efficiencies, learnings, and standardization, allowing for streamlined engineering design and modular fabrication.


Major Gas Compression Project – China

59 large, high pressure gas compression packages, with a combined 305,000 hp for all units. High performance, modular units fabricated in Alberta and delivered to locations throughout China in one year.


SAGD Well Pad Expansion Projects – Alberta

Well pads developed as a standardized, modular, repeatable design installed on multiple well pads over a series of expansion phases. Debottlenecking studies completed to significantly increase oil production.


Micro LNG Plant – Hainan Island, China

Turnkey EPFC design and build, 8.3 MMSCFD Micro LNG Liquefaction Unit supplying LNG for transportation and storage. Inlet gas treatment achieving less than 10 ppm carbon dioxide.


LPG Plant – West Virginia

Full EPFC, modular-built, turnkey 200 MMSCFD Cryogenic Turbo Expander Plant. C3+ LPG extraction with 99+% propane recovery on cost-effective, low OPEX Propak patented process. 10,150 bbl/d C3+ LPG recovery.


Cryogenic NGL Recovery – Urucu, Brazil

Highly modularized for logistics and for remote field construction 1500 km up the Amazon River. 127 MMSCFD with 98% C3 recovery. Producing 11 MMSCFD C2, 9810 bbl/d C3/C4 LPG, and 822 bbl/d C5+.


Flaregas Recovery LPG Plant on FPSO

Recovering 2200 bbl/d LPG and 1600 bbl/d condensate from 13 MMSCFD associated gas. Dry dock superstructure assembly of modules, and single crane load onto FPSO at sea.


Gas Compression Facility – North Africa

A combined 35,000 hp of two and three stage compressor packages installed in a remote location for solution gas injection. Propak supplied modular fuel gas conditioning, power generation and compression units.