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Propak provides comprehensive solutions to help our clients meet their project execution strategy by designing and building energy processing facilities and equipment. Experts in gas processing and heavy oil processing. Large-scale fabrication integrated with a full-service international engineering company. Complete energy facilities and individual process units. A design and build firm together with an energy services company that engineers, constructs, commissions and services energy processing equipment and plants.

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    Propak has built
    hundreds of oil and gas processing plants
    and thousands of process, treatment and compression units worldwide.

Propak is...

Gas Processing

Complete turnkey gas processing facilities and a full range of modular gas processing and treating units

Heavy Oil Processing

Complete modular thermal heavy oil central processing facilities and well pads designed for low CAPEX and short delivery schedules.

Compression and Power

Modular gas compressors and power generation units designed specifically to reduce transportation and installation costs.

Standard Equipment

Every Spec and Stock Package has our modular expertise built in, and is the result of our extensive experience in energy processing.

Engineering Services

A complete suite of multi-disciplinary engineering services with expertise in a variety of energy processing plants.

Modular Fabrication

We are experts in building completely modularized process facilities with skid-mounted components.

Construction Services

We provide domestic and international field construction and construction management services.

Energy Services

We keep your compression and energy processing facilities operating at optimal levels through our integrated field services and parts division.

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