Gas Processing

The energy industry has relied on Propak for 45+ years to provide the necessary equipment and packages to process and treat raw natural gas to meet pipeline specifications, and to produce quality hydrocarbon liquid products. Since 1976, Propak has lead the industry is the design, engineering, and manufacturing of modularized type gas processing and gas treating plants.

Whether our clients require single processing/treating units, or a complete gas processing facility, Propak has the engineering know-how and experience to deliver modern state-of-the-art process design and modularization technologies. For example, Propak is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of LPG and NGL extraction plants, utilizing cryogenic turbo expander technology, and holds leading patented process technology, for effectively achieving unsurpassed 99.6+% propane (C3) recovery.

Propak also maintains leading edge process/treating and modularization technologies for natural gas dehydration, natural gas amine sweetening, NGL fractionation, and sulphur recovery units (SRU). Propaks extensive experience, process technology expertise, and fully backed process performance guarantees is an asset to our clients.

  • Gas and HC Liquid Treating natural gas treating technologies for contaminant removal such as H2S, CO2, mercaptan, mercury, and more
  • Gas Dehydration natural gas dehydration units to treat gas-to-natural-gas pipeline water content specification
  • Gas Dew Point Control (C3+C5+) one of the world's largest manufacturers of natural gas dew point control units
  • Gas Liquid Fractionation gas liquid fractionation units for various applications
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) LPG extraction plants utilizing cryogenic turbo expander technology
  • Natural Gas Liquefaction (NGL) LNG units processing less than 20 MMSCFD of natural gas
  • NGL Recovery (C2+) Propretary GSP process technology achieving 94+% ethane (c2) recovery
  • Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) constructed around the world with sizing up to 310 TPD